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Transmission Mechanics and Auto Repair

Our expert car maintenance and repair mechanics at AAMCO of Bay Area have you covered for all your car care needs — from transmission repairs and rebuilds to brakes, exhaust, engine trouble and even factory schedule maintenance. View all of our services here. When it comes to transmission diagnostics, service and repair, you know AAMCO has the best professionals in the automotive business and will get you back on the road in no time at all.

For more than 50 years, nationwide AAMCO auto repair shops have serviced millions of vehicles and have earned our mechanics a reputation as transmission repair and total car exerts. AAMCO of Bay Area is proud to uphold that tradition of good service and satisfied customers.

We make sure your service is done correctly the first time with our Initial Vehicle Check, we provide a thorough check of all your vehicle’s intricate systems before any work begins. We will diagnose and isolate your vehicle’s problem and fix it right. Get high-quality service for less than dealer prices without the long wait. Come visit your local AAMCO Bay Area or call for an appointment today and you’ll realize the difference that AAMCO provides!

Transmission Repairs and Maintenance

AAMCO is worth trusting. With over 50 years of experience, our transmission repair and service experts have you covered.

Auto Repair and Maintenance

Anything your vehicle needs, from an oil change to checking out that strange noise your car is making, our certified auto mechanics can help you with your automotive repairs and issues.

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      Best Bay Area Mechanics – We Value our Customers

      Our customers know that they can rely on us for quality workmanship, superior service, and the best nationwide warranty guarantee available. You know AAMCO Bay Area service centers provide honest and trustworthy vehicle maintenance services.

      Get Your Transmission Issues Solved Here

      Our centers have the most experienced transmission maintenance mechanics in the Bay Area and we won’t break your wallet with our affordable services.

      AAMCO Bay Area is the ultimate one-stop shop for all things transmissions — repairs, rebuilds, replacements and fluid flushes — all backed by a nationwide warranty. No one is more qualified than your local AAMCO transmission mechanics when it comes to quickly diagnosing and repairing your automatic and manual transmission problems. Our computer diagnostics system will quickly identify any transmission and engine issues, allowing us to isolate and repair your vehicle and get you back on the road safely.

      Automotive Repair & Total Car Care Services

      Our professional certified mechanics will work to diagnose your vehicle accurately and honestly, save you money and keep you safe with a reliable vehicle.

      Brake Service & Repair

      Hearing high-pitched noises when you come to a stop, or having trouble stopping altogether? Our expert brake technicians will find and fix your problem.

      Transmission Repair

      With more than 800 parts in your transmission, our certified technicians know how each and every one of them goes together to properly service your vehicle.

      Oil Change Services

      Keep your vehicle’s engine in top condition with regular oil changes. AAMCO has your engine oil and filter changes covered.

      Diagnostic & Inspection

      Vehicle making a strange noise or odd smell? Bring it into your local AAMCO. We will isolate the problem and get it fixed correctly the first time.

      Car & Auto Tune Ups

      Bring your vehicle in for a complete automotive tune-up and get it back to running like new. Boost your vehicle’s mileage and drivability.

      Air Conditioning

      Summers here in California are getting hotter and hotter. Don’t get stuck in the traffic and heat — stay cool with a properly maintained AC system.

      Suspension Service & Repair

      Keep your wheels safely on the road — get your suspension system checked out by expert technicians at your local AAMCO Bay Area.

      Battery & Starter Service

      Don’t get stuck at home or on the road side, bring your vehicle in for battery and starter maintenance and services today.

      Radiator & Cooling Repair

      Don’t let your vehicle catch a fever. Bring it in to your local AAMCO expert mechanics for proper vehicle maintenance of your radiator and cooling system.

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