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Automotive Repair & Total Car Care Services

We pride ourselves in providing the highest customer satisfaction and quality of service.

AAMCO of Bay Area knows that a properly maintained car will last longer and be more dependable, resulting in higher satisfaction for you! Your local service center has got you covered on everything from transmission repairs and maintenance to vehicle tune-ups and everything in between. You can be confident that you are getting expert service, because AAMCO has earned a reputation for quality and trust by taking care of vehicles for over 50 years.

We employ the latest technology at our locally owned service centers in the Bay Area and our expert mechanics will diagnose whatever is ailing your vehicle. AAMCO Bay Area will fix it right the first time without pushing any unnecessary repairs on you and all the work is backed up by the best nationwide warranty. Whatever service you need, make an appointment and bring your vehicle in to your local Bay Area AAMCO center today!

Brake Service and Repair

The road is filled with hazards like potholes, bad drivers, pedestrians, and more — no better reason to be able to stop your vehicle on a dime.

AAMCO Bay Area will get you back on the road safely — our expert brake mechanics will examine, repair, and replace your entire brake system if needed, brake fluid flush included.

Transmission Repair

AAMCO is the most well-known name in Transmission inspections, repair, maintenance and more. Your Bay Area AAMCO dealer knows your transmission and can properly diagnose and fix it right the first time.

We are known for rebuilding your transmission to last and using only the best mechanic parts with expert training and precision. Transmission Fluid Exchanges are available.

Oil Change Services

Changing your oil is the most essential maintenance service for extending the life of your car, truck, SUV or other vehicle. Over time, oil in your vehicle degrades, losing potency.

Dirty, degraded oil leads to less engine lubrication, increased heat and friction, which all leads to potentially expensive engine damage and repairs. AAMCO Bay Area has oil changes covered.

Diagnostic & Inspection

Every vehicle that comes in to an AAMCO Bay Area service center receives an Initial Vehicle Check®, ensuring that your vehicle has been properly checked by certified mechanics for any potential problems.

This inspection checks all of the major systems in your vehicle to ensure that you are up to date on factory recommended maintenance.

Car & Auto Tune Ups

Has your vehicle not been performing as well as when you first purchased it? It could be time for a tune up! AAMCO Bay Area will ensure all your vehicle’s parts are working in conjunction and functioning properly.

If your car needs one, a tune-up can help keep your vehicle safe, increase performance, deliver better gas mileage, and be better for the environment.

Air Conditioning

A properly function air conditioning system won’t just keep you cool this summer, it can also help defog the interior of your vehicle during those cold winter nights.

AAMCO Bay Area will inspect every component of your AC system to check for leaks and ensure each part is working properly. Keep the ideal environment in your vehicle.

Suspension Service & Repair

Ensure you have the safest and most comfortable ride with a properly maintained suspension system. Bring your vehicle to a Bay Area AAMCO center if you have any of the symptoms below.

Worn springs, bad struts and shocks lead to a bouncy or shaky ride, your vehicle bottoming out, or the front end of your vehicle losing control while making a sudden stop.

Battery & Starter Service

Don’t find yourself stuck at home or at the side of a road with battery problems. Keeping your battery maintained will give you peace of mind.

Get battery and starter maintenance at Bay Area AAMCO center if your vehicle is experiencing persistent battery failures or if you having difficulty starting your engine.

Radiator & Cooling Repair

One of the most common problems a vehicle can experience is an overheating engine. If not fixed, this problem may lead to more expensive major repairs.

If your vehicle is overheating constantly, do not wait, bring it in to your local, independently owned Bay Area AAMCO dealer for a diagnostic check and cooling system service or repair.

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