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California has just been getting hotter and hotter during summer and that means that having a broken air conditioning in your vehicle is that much worse. Don’t wait until the middle of summer with it reaching scorching temperatures to get your AC serviced. Your AC, however, isn’t just important for keeping your vehicle cool but also wicking away the fog that builds up inside your windows on those chilly winter nights. Your local AAMCO Bay Area knows the importance of a properly functioning AC system and our experts have got you covered on repairs and maintenance you may need. Schedule an appointment today!

Have you noticed your vehicle blowing hot air or not working at all when you turn on the AC? When you bring your vehicle into your local AAMCO service center, our expert technicians will inspect all of your AC’s components from top to bottom to isolate the problem and suggest a proper fix without breaking your wallet. We will inspect seals and other components for leaks, hoses, make sure your compressor is working properly, lines, take temperature readings, and check the drive belt for damage. Whether you need an entirely new compressor or you just need a refrigerant recharge, AAMCO Bay Area will be able to diagnose the problem and get you back on the road quickly. Best of all, our services are guaranteed with the Best Nationwide Warranty!

At any of our AAMCO Bay Area locations, we are happy to help out – give us a call or schedule an appointment online with a location near you.

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