Battery and Starter Maintenance Services

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Don’t find yourself stuck at home or at the side of a road with battery problems. Keeping your battery maintained will give you peace of mind. Is your vehicle starting slowly or constantly dying? Perhaps, you have trouble starting your engine on the first try. Is the weather having an effect on your battery performance? Get battery and starter maintenance at your local Bay Area AAMCO center.

If you’ve had a car battery for around three years, it may be time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection or maintenance. Your local expert mechanics can diagnose the starting and charging systems in your vehicle and will isolate any problems you may be having.

Our expert technicians will inspect:

  • Battery Connections
  • Hardware
  • Condition of the Case
  • Electrolyte Level (where applicable)
  • Battery Charge Load
  • Alternator Belts
  • Brackets and Connections
  • Voltage and Current
  • Starter for Proper Connections and Mounting

Don’t wait until your vehicle breaks down, leaving you stuck in a bad situation. Bring Your vehicle in today for a battery inspection at your independent, locally owned bay area AAMCO center!

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