Factory Recommended Car Maintenance

We know your car or truck better than a dealer, and we can service it for less!

A well-maintained vehicle will save you a lot longer by having a much longer lifespan and costing you a lot less over the long term. In order to do this, however, it’s essential to follow factory recommended vehicle maintenance schedule and many do until their warranty expires. AAMCO Bay Area can perform those services during and after your New Car Warranty without voiding it.

Manufacturers of vehicles know what a vehicle needs to live a long and healthy life and know that it will make the owner of that vehicle much happier with that dependable vehicle. The manufacturers detail a maintenance schedule guideline to help the vehicle avoid the proper operation and wear. In those guidelines, the manufacturer also dictates which services are required to keep factory and extended warranties intact.

The certified professional auto mechanics at AAMCO Bay Area know your vehicle and how to best provide the recommended car maintenance services you need. The best part — our services are guaranteed with the Best Nationwide Warranty. Whether you need help keeping your warranty valid or keeping track of what your vehicle needs long after your car runs out of its warranty, AAMCO Bay Area has you covered.

Give one of your local AAMCO Bay Area auto shops a call or schedule an appointment online so we can help you keep your vehicle on track with factory recommended car maintenance — saving you money now and later on down the road.

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Air Filtration Replacement Service

Don’t breath dirty air. Clean air filters allow your car, truck or SUV to perform optimally, allowing you and your vehicle to breath better air.

What does the Air Filtration Replacement Service at AAMCO include?

  • Improve gas mileage, engine performance, and acceleration with a fresh air filter.
  • The breather element can be replaced if necessary to keep contaminants out of the engine oil.
  • Reduce fumes, air pollution and wear on engine parts by replacing the PCV Valve if needed.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Services

Well known as the experts in Transmission Maintenance, AAMCO Bay Area professional mechanics can take care of your vehicle’s transmission by doing a transmission fluid and filter change. We utilize a state-of-the-art service called the Safeguard® Transmission Fluid Flush. 

Battery Maintenance Services

Give yourself peace of mind with a well-maintained battery, ensuring that you won’t get stuck at home or on the side of a road with battery problems. Have you been having any battery issues? Don’t ignore them, bring your vehicle into your local AAMCO Bay Area for an inspection. What you may not realize is that a poorly performing battery may damage other electrical components in your vehicle by forcing them to work harder or leaking causing chemicals on them.

Once you’re at one of our service centers, an AAMCO technician will check the battery connections, the hardware, the condition of the case, the electrolyte level (where applicable), and the battery load (its ability to perform its function). He will also take a look at the alternator belts, brackets and connections, and test the battery’s voltage and current. The mechanic will then test how much power is needed to turn over the engine when it is cranked and inspects proper battery mounting and connections. Depending on the results of the diagnosis, you will be recommended service that can help remedy your issues and replace only the necessary components.

If your battery is over three years old or if you’ve been having electrical issues, it may be time for a battery replacement. Check your vehicle owners manual for the interval of factory recommended maintenance for your specific vehicle. Make an appointment today before your battery fails.

Brake System Fluid Service

You should get your brake fluid flushed every two years or 24,000 miles as preventative maintenance. Over time, the brake fluid will absorb other forms of moisture, reducing its viability to perform well during sudden stops and hard braking. This can be the difference between a collision or a close call.

It’s important to monitor your brake fluid levels periodically. We suggest asking your AAMCO mechanic to check for you while you get an oil change. Your owners manual will help you determine the recommended interval for flushing your vehicle’s brake fluid. You may also schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle into your local AAMCO Bay Area for a complete brake diagnostic and Initial Vehicle Check to ensure not just your breaks, but all the major systems in your vehicle are in good working order.

Cabin Air Filter Service

Regularly changing the cabin air filter in your vehicle will allow you to breath cleaner air. During the daily commute, being in such a compact area like the inside of your vehicle can expose you to high concentrations of dust, pollen, and bacteria unless the air is being properly filtered.

AAMCO’s rule of thumb is replacing your cabin air filter every 15,000 miles to maintain clean air. Make an appointment today for an air filter inspection and replacement!

Cooling System Service

One of the most common roadside mechanical breakdowns is caused by cooling system failure and the overheating that results from that failure. Don’t ignore the problem if your vehicle has been overheating as this can lead to severe and expensive engine and transmission damage.

Protect your vehicle’s engine from overheating or freezing with proper levels of coolant (aka anti-freeze). Over time, the coolant’s efficacy can degrade and lost it’s protective properties, even causing the radiator to rust and corrode. It’s essential to get the coolant fluid changed out once a year to avoid build-ups of corrosive, harmful materials. We suggest also flushing and refilling the radiator every 24 months as well. Bring your vehicle into your nearest AAMCO Bay Area for cooling system service or information on recommended intervals for changing out the coolant in your vehicle.

We suggest changing out the fluid every 24 months (at minimum), or if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Your vehicle overheats
  • Your coolant or temperature light comes on
  • Your temperature gauge reads higher or lower than normal
  • Your heater does not work

Fuel Filter Replacement Service

Dirt particles, water, and other contaminants would find their way into your vehicle’s fuel system if your vehicle did not have a functioning fuel filter. These contaminants would then clog up your fuel injection system or carburetor. Over time, however, the fuel filter itself can get clogged or contaminated, reducing your vehicle’s performance.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s specifications on how often the fuel filter should be replaced for your specific vehicle. AAMCO Bay Area recommends changing it every two years, especially if you drive in stop-and-go traffic constantly.

Make an appointment online with your nearest AAMCO Bay Area service center and our professional mechanics will disconnect and remove the old filter, install a new filter and check the fuel filter and fittings for any leaks or damage.

Fuel System Cleaning Service

Restore maximum power and performance to your vehicle’s engine with an AAMCO Fuel System Cleaning Service. Almost every car, truck or SUV today use fuel injection, and fuel injection maintenance is now routinely recommended to keep your car performing at its best.

An AAMCO Fuel System Service may help to alleviate the following symptoms:

  • Trouble starting
  • Poor gas mileage and performance
  • Hesitating or knocking
  • Rough idle

Full-Service Oil, Lube & Filter Change

Changing your engine oil on a regular basis is one of the most important maintenance services you can do for your car, truck or SUV. Fresh motor oil is like the lifeblood of your car and over time as it degrades and becomes contaminated, its efficacy greatly decreases. Ignoring that decrease will eventually lead to expensive engine damage from increased heat and friction. Check your owners manual for the recommended oil change interval or bring your vehicle into your local AAMCO Bay Area for help on deciding your maintenance schedule. City driving and stop-and-go traffic may cause you to require an oil change more often.

Light Bulb Replacement Service

It is critical for your safety on the road to have working lights and light bulbs on your vehicle. You need to be able to see other vehicles and you need them to be able to see you. Especially important are your taillights so that drivers following behind you know when you are making a turn or coming to a stop. Bring your vehicle into your nearest AAMCO Bay Area for light bulb replacement service if any of these bulbs are burned out or broken — Headlights, taillights, reverse lights or fog lights.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

From your vehicle’s water pump and power steering pump to its alternator and air conditioning, without functioning serpentine belts, none of those components will be able to operate. Bring your vehicle into your local AAMCO Bay Area to get your Serpentine belt inspected regularly. Getting it replaced in a timely fashion is the difference between peace of mind and a roadside breakdown.

Tire Rotation Service

Keep yourself safe while extending the life of the tires on your car, truck or SUV. When your tire thread wear starts becoming uneven, you’ll notice lower gas mileage and you may even risk a blowout. It is recommended by most manufacturers that you get your tires rotated often — every 6,000 to 12,000 miles. Bring your vehicle in to your local AAMCO Bay Area and our expert technicians will also check tire pressure and inspect your tires for any damage or abnormal wear.

Wiper Blade Replacement Service

Making sure you can see out of your windshield is a no-brainer. However, properly maintaining and replacing your worn wiper blades is often overlooked but can save you from a potentially dangerous safety hazard. We suggest changing your wiper blades around every six months. AAMCO Bay Area’s professional mechanics will remove your old wiper blades and replace them with quality new blades while also checking the wiper arm for any damage.

In need of factory recommended maintenance for your vehicle? Or maybe you need help deciphering a proper schedule of maintenance for your vehicle? Schedule an appointment with your nearest AAMCO Bay Area today!

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