Suspension Services and Repair

Enjoy a Smooth Ride with Suspension Services from AAMCO Bay Area

Ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride with a properly maintained suspension system. Bring your vehicle to an AAMCO Bay Area if you have any of the symptoms below.

Worn springs, bad struts, and shocks lead to a bouncy or shaky ride, your vehicle bottoming out, or the front end of your vehicle losing control while making a sudden stop. Getting proper maintenance not only will keep you comfortable and safe but also keep your vehicle from unnecessary wear and tear from increased vibrations and shaking. Best of all, however, the service you get from bringing your vehicle to your local AAMCO Bay Area is guaranteed with the Best Nationwide Warranties.

Shocks Service

When your vehicle moves up and down or turns, your shocks provide some resistance, allowing your car, truck or SUV to give you a smoother ride. The higher quality and better maintained your shocks are, the smoother your driving experience is. Shocks can wear out in as little as 25,000 to 30,000 miles due to the constant motion your car, truck or SUV is subjected to. Many manufacturers recommend that you have your shocks checked about once a year or so for your safety and comfort. Check your owner’s manual for the proper maintenance interval or bring your car to your local AAMCO dealer if you are experiencing an excessively bumpy or bouncy ride.

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Strut Service

Combining coil springs and shocks into one unit, the McPherson strut suspension system is used by most modern vehicles. These struts have control over the spring and suspension movement and help keep the tires in contact with the road when going over uneven roads or terrain. While struts have a long life, they do experience wear and replacing them can be very expensive. Get your struts inspected at a local AAMCO Bay Area car care center.

Coil Spring Service

Working with the shocks and struts, the coil springs reduce your vehicle’s bouncing and increase stability. Over time, the springs will degrade and lose their strength. You should take your vehicle to have its coil springs checked once a year, or sooner if you have noticed your drive has gotten rougher. Make an appointment online for an Initial Vehicle Check® at your local Bay Area AAMCO transmission and auto repair center.

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