Transmission Repairs & Transmission Rebuilds

Transmission Diagnostics and Repair Services

AAMCO Bay Area has the best transmission experts around. We will do a full inspection on your vehicle, use only the best parts, because we know you want your transmission fixed right the first time.

There are hundreds of components in your transmission, and our expert technicians each and every one and where they belong. AAMCO knows transmissions, and when it comes time for a transmission repair or rebuild, no one does it better than your local AAMCO Bay Area Bay. We can isolate the cause of your transmission issues and repair only what needs repair instead of breaking your wallet. From a major repair or rebuild to a simple fluid change with our Safeguard® service, we’ve got you covered.

Do you need work done on your transmission? Is your car having difficulty shifting gears or have you noticed a transmission fluid leak? No matter what the cause, AAMCO certified transmission mechanics will be diagnose and solve your issue so that you can get back on the road safely. Check out more signs that your transmission may need servicing below. Schedule an appointment today at your locally owned Bay Area AAMCO!

Recognized Experts in Transmission Repairs and Services

If you are in need of transmission services and maintenance, shouldn’t you go to one of the world’s most recognized transmission repair specialists? AAMCO has been servicing transmissions for over 50 years and our technicians know cars, especially transmissions. Trust your local certified expert mechanics at AAMCO Bay Area to service your vehicle.

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Rebuilt or Remanufactured Automatic Transmission

If our initial diagnosis shows that you need a new, rebuilt, or re-manufactured transmission, you can trust that unit will be installed expertly into your vehicle. AAMCO Transmissions are the most dependable solution to your transmission problems — whether you are getting a masterwork rebuild from our certified experts with the highest quality AAMCO-approved parts or we install a top-tier, reliable replacement transmission.

With either service, once your transmission has been installed, your certified AAMCO technician will refill the fluid, make any external adjustments needed and give your vehicle a road test to ensure all of your issues have been corrected. Have peace of mind that experienced professionals with a tradition of quality standards 50 years strong have properly and reliably replaced or rebuilt your transmission. Our services are backed by the strongest nationwide warranty in the business.

Manual Transmission Repair and Rebuild Service

Have no fear of getting a defective replacement unit when our expert AAMCO Bay Area transmission technicians rebuild your transmission. You can have confidence it has been rebuilt correctly the first time and you have the best nationwide warranty in the business — we are the best and we back up that claim. We know you transmission no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

Our professional mechanics precisely disassemble the transmission, clean it thoroughly and inspect the internal and external components, rebuild it with only the best parts and reinstall it into your vehicle. We then will refill the transmission fluid and make the necessary external adjustments. Your vehicle will be road tested to ensure all your problems have been fixed. Have peace of mind that your vehicle’s transmission has been rebuild by the best and that the work is backed with the best nationwide warranty.

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Transmission Reseal Service

Have you noticed your vehicle has had difficulty retaining fluid? Or perhaps we noticed a leak or consistently low transmission fluid? Sometimes, fixing your vehicle may only require our AAMCO Reseal Service, which includes:  

  • Removing your transmission from your vehicle and disassembling it enough to perform the service.
  • Replacing all external seals, o-rings, and selecting transmission components to correct the fluid retention problem.

The transmission is then professionally reinstalled, your fluid refilled with fresh, clean transmission fluid and external adjustments are made as needed. We will then road test your vehicle to ensure all of your transmission issues have been properly resolved and that you can return to the road safely.

Manual Transmission Clutch Service

Do you drive a standard or manual transmission? Our expert technicians know hose too! It’s possible that our diagnosis will find that your vehicle’s transmission issues are being caused by your clutch and cannot be corrected with external adjustments. Our certified transmission mechanics will perform the following:

  • Carefully remove your vehicle’s transmission
  • Inspect the pressure plate, flywheel, clutch disk and other related transmission components for wear and damage
  • Remove and replace any worn or damaged components according to AAMCO’s precise standards to make your clutch perform like new
  • Reinstall the transmission Reinstall the transmission
  • Check and top off the transmission fluid with fresh clean fluid if needed.
  • Do a secondary inspection and lift check to ensure clutch installation and adjustment has been completed properly.  

The vehicle is then road tested to ensure that your transmission and clutch issues have been reliably resolved so that your vehicle is ready to return to road safely for years to come.

How do I know if I need Transmission Service?

Like your vehicle’s tires or engine, over miles and years of use, your transmission will start to wear and break down. But, how can you tell when you need to take it in for repairs? It’s important to notice and act on the signs of transmission trouble as soon as possible before a simple repair becomes very expensive. Some signs include strange sounds or erratic, reduced performance — a simple inspection by an AAMCO professional transmission mechanic could save you thousands.

Signs That Your Transmission Needs to Be Inspected

  • Dashboard displays high RPM over 3,500 while driving
  • Acceleration is delayed
  • Vehicle cannot reverse
  • Burnt or abnormal smells
  • Check engine light is on or blinking
  • Gears are having difficulty shifting
  • Hear or feel a harsh response when shifting gears
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Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

Bring your vehicle in to your local AAMCO Bay Area Center as soon as you notice any issues with your transmission. The earlier you get your vehicle diagnosed by professionals, the easier it will be to find and solve your transmission issues. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where the costs of repairing or replacing your transmission outweighs the benefit of doing so. Schedule an appointment with us today and have expert mechanics isolate your transmission problems and get you back in the road safely without breaking your bank.

The AAMCO Initial Vehicle Check

You can be sure that our expert transmission mechanics simply strive to ensure your vehicle will function reliably without pushing unnecessary and costly repairs on you. Our AAMCO mechanics will always give you honest and thorough feedback on your vehicle and isolate issues effecting the driveability of your vehicle with our Initial Vehicle Check. Visit your local AAMCO Bay Area Auto Center today and experience true customer service.

AAMCO Safeguard® Service

We offer a low-cost Safeguard® Service to service the health of your transmission fluids. Our expert mechanics can help you keep your transmission working properly to factory recommended specifications and extend its lifespan. This service begins with a full Initial Vehicle Check to identify and isolate and potential problems with your vehicle before any work begins.

What does the Safeguard® Service Include?

  • Complete visual inspection for contaminants and abrasives by removing the transmission pan, if applicable
  • Transmission filter replacement and cleaning of the transmission screen, if applicable
  • A thorough road test drive for your vehicle to check for leaks

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